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Creating Fine Jewellery With Platinum

Why Choose Platinum?

With a beautiful silvery-white tone, platinum is both rarer and stronger than gold and perfect for realising the beauty of diamonds. We typically cast our platinum jewellery using an alloy containing 950 parts platinum per thousand. Should a piece require additional strength or rigidity, our goldsmiths may use a purer alloy containing 999 parts platinum per thousand.

Our platinum is usually polished to mirror finish, although brush, matte and satin finishes are popular requirements for men’s wedding bands.

A ring design can incorporate a combinations of metals, for example, a rose gold band may look better with platinum claws. This is because the centre diamond may pick up the colours of the rose gold, so to ensure a bright white diamond, colourless platinum claws are a great choice.

Platinum is celebrated for its diversity; both contemporary engagement rings and antique engagement ring designs suit the tone. The metal is corrosion resistant and does not tarnish, making it a great alternative to less durable white gold engagement rings. When considering engagement rings for women, platinum is a great choice due to its hypoallergenic properties. Platinum rings are marginally more expensive than the alternative options, due to the rarity, beauty and durability of the precious metal.