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Ring Size Guide

Discover how to measure ring size at home with our expert guide, featuring ring size conversion charts and helpful tips.

Popping into one of our stores and having your finger measured is the most accurate way to determine your ring size, but if you need to find out from the comfort of your own home, we’re here to help with these handy tips.

Ring Size Conversion Charts

  • UK Ring Sizes
  • UK to US Ring Size
  • UK to EU Ring Size
UK Ring Sizes
Ring SizeCircumference (mm)Ring SizeCircumference (mm)Ring SizeCircumference (mm)
Using a tape measure, find out your ring size (in mm) by measuring the circumference around the third finger on your left hand. Then, use the above UK ring size chart to find the corresponding letter.
UK to US Ring Size Conversion
UKUS & CanadaUKUS & CanadaUKUS & Canada
A1/2K5 1/4S 1/29 1/4
B1K 1/25 1/29 1/2
C1 1/2L5 3/4T9 3/4
D2L 1/26T 1/210
D 1/22 1/4M6 1/4U10 1/4
E2 1/2M 1/26 1/2U 1/210 1/2
E 1/22 3/4N6 3/4V10 3/4
F3O7V 1/211
F 1/23 1/4O 1/27 1/4W11 1/4
G3 1/2P7 1/2W 1/211 1/2
G 1/23 3/4P 1/27 3/4X11 3/4
H 1/24 1/4Q 1/28 1/4Y 1/212 1/4
I4 1/2R8 1/2Z12 1/2
J4 3/4R 1/28 3/4Z 1/212 3/4
J 1/25S913
Measure your UK ring size in mm before using our UK to US ring size chart to find your perfect fit in US (and Canadian) measurements.
UK to EU Ring Size Conversion
AK49 5/8S 1/260 1/4
BK 1/250 1/4T60 7/8
C40 1/2L50 7/8T 1/261 1/2
D41 1/2L 1/251 1/2U62 1/8
D 1/242 1/8M52 1/8U 1/262 3/4
E42 3/4M 1/252 3/4V63 3/8
E 1/243 3/8N53 3/8V 1/263 3/8
F44O54 5/8W64 5/8
F 1/244 5/8O 1/255 1/2W 1/265 1/4
G45 1/4P55 7/8X65 7/8
G 1/245 7/8P 1/256 3/4Y67 1/8
H46 1/2Q57 1/8Y 1/2
H 1/2Q 1/258Z67 3/4
I47 1/8R58 3/8Z 1/268 3/8
J48 3/8R 1/259
J 1/249S59 5/8
Use our EU to UK ring size chart to find an accurate ring measurement for yourself or your loved one.