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Luxury and purity come to mind when describing platinum.

Luxury and purity come to mind when describing platinum. It is one of the world’s rarest metals and is 10 to 30 times more rare than gold. If you’re looking for a metal that is both exclusive and beautiful, look no further. One of its most fascinating aspects is its ability to restrict the reflection of color, which allows the scintillation of your center stone to take center stage.

With a cool white sheen, platinum radiates opulence. It commands a premium price point both for its rarity and its density, as it will weigh significantly more than an identical gold setting. On the other hand, it may be one of the most economical metal choices, given that less polishing is likely to be required over time – buffing cloths do not remove any layers of this metal, unlike gold, and some say it gets better with age, thanks to its stunning patina that develops over time. As if it wasn’t fantastic enough already, platinum is nickel-free and hypoallergenic, and does not tarnish, allowing it to be worn every day with comfort and ease.